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Enroll clients in premium services

Enroll clients in premium services

Enroll your clients in premium services using subscription billing plans that you design and customize. You can offer multiple tiers of services, or keep it simple! Just set your terms and we do the rest.

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A mobile app to expand your brand

The Concierge MD mobile app is accessible only to your clients using special invitation codes. Your app allows your clients to interact with you according to rules and preferences that you specify. Typically, a client can request concierge-level consults, read and send messages, and track their own health, recovery and wellness.

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>Automated Health Program Templates

Automated Health Programs

Concierge MD includes a unique, automated health monitoring tool to offer to your clients. As a provider, you can design custom, automated "interviews" for clients who are tracking specific health issues.

As a simple example, you can create a program that captures a client's pain level each day, making them more mindful of how their condition and treatment is progressing over time.

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Offering premium concierge services is easy!

Features & Benefits

After completing your free registration, setting up your account only takes 5 minutes. Once completed, you're then able to access all of the the innovative tools built into the Concierge MD platform:

Peace of Mind

Security, Privacy and HIPAA Compliance

Provider/Patient Privacy

We and our partners deploy robust data security and encryption technologies, during both storage and transmission.

HIPAA Compliance

Built from the ground up for HIPAA compliance. Though not always required, we apply HIPAA compliance measures uniformly.

Secure Billing via Stripe

We use leading online payments platform Stripe® to secure your payments, validate customers and protect against fraud.

Tip! Create multiple plans with different levels of service

Platform Pricing

Option 1: We Bill For You

per user pricing only
  • Concierge MD - No Platform Fees No hidden fees. No platform charges
  • Concierge MD Multiple Plans Create multiple subscription plans
  • Concierge MD Unlimited Users and Health Programs Unlimited users, unlimited programs
  • Concierge MD Payouts Payouts flow directly to your bank account
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Option 2: Handle Your Own Billing

Offer premium services to patients
Pay only $10 per patient, per month
Patient mobile app with your branding Appointment scheduling
Unlimited health monitoring programs Timed-release content for patients
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